• The Way We Were Edition

    In the last pop-up wine bar of 2012, we brought it back to how things used to be. Holidays filled with tradition and history, rich with friends and family. 

Since you all are a part of the Salotto Rosso family, I wanted to share the holiday traditions I learned in Italy. Regional wines that serve ...

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  • D&A Pop-Up Store – Amsterdam Launch

    The D&A Pop-up Store, a concept developed by leading hospitality consultant Typhoon Hospitality and the Gemeente Amsterdam, took the Netherlands by storm by showing how much DNA takes part in our every day lives. Amsterdam showcased the very first pop-up store, and we were lucky enough to provide...

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  • G&T Edition

    After years of absorbing the culinary secrets of Italian grandmothers, years of scouring Italy for wines made with love, we announced our inaugural pop up wine bar!

The Italian aperitivo culture is synonymous with winding down after a hard day’s work, catching up with friends and enjoying the ...

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